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TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) has been fitted to all vehicles in the US since 2006. Starting from November 1, 2012, all new models of passenger cars must be equipped with a TPMS and From November 1, 2014, all new passenger cars sold in the European Union must be equipped with TPMS. 

According to the estimates from The Department of Transportation (USA):

• 4 million gallons of fuel per day (over 1.3 billion per year) are wasted due to low tire pressure.
• Each year 80,000 accidents are attributed to low tire pressure.

• Properly inflated tires extend the life of tire treads by as much as 35%.

Therefore, under the laws in many countries it is compulsory to have TPMS (Tire pressure monitoring system) equipped in new vehicles. This would be a great opportunity for you, as you can provide your customers with this safety product.

Equipped with this great product, customers will drive confidently on the road, you will help them to save money and avoid dangerous tire condition.

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Solar-powered display from Steelmate, can be paired with...
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AUD 55.00
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SKU: T016A

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