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Installing Your Parking Sensor?- A Guide

Before installing your newly purchased Steelmate parking sensor, please read the detailed information in the user manual. It is highly recommended that the unit  is installed by a professional installer.

1. First, check the parts included against the user manual provided, and grab the necessary tools from your tool box

Tip: It is always a good idea to use the round sticker label (circular shaped like the sensors). Once a suitable location is found, just use the sticker to mark the location where the sensors will be installed.


2. Find the ideal location for the sensor 

  • The ideal height for the sensor should be 50-65cm from ground for most passenger cars. If you intend to install it lower, i.e. 45cm, please use our 10 or 13  degree bezel to replace the current 6 degree one for our 12B-09 sensors. Read more information on the sensor type, bumper shape and type.
  • Measure the width of the car as L. The 4 sensors location (A, B, C, D) can then be calculated by a=b=1/8 L, b=2/8L and marked using a marker pen or the round stickers.

3. Drill the holes

Tips: Check the hole cutter against the sensor size before drilling.

4. Install the sensors

5. Connect the reversing light wire and fix the ECU at one side in the trunk 

6. Install displays

There are several places to install the displays or buzzer, pick a location you feel comfortable with. The easiest location to install is at the rear roof lining, so you can view the display from the interior mirror.

7. After installation, test the functions using a flat board

Click here for the attached installation manual for more details:

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