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Steelmate celebrates its Annual Dinner 2015 The theme of the year: Transcendence

Steelmate has held a memorable annual dinner on 2 Feb 2015 to recognize the contributions of the employees and business partners. In review of the high level of success that Steelmate has made transforming itself from a merely automotive security accessories manufacturer to a global automotive electronics brand, the theme of the annual dinner was a magical word: Transcendence.
Mr Li Anpei, our founder and president, speaking at the dinner gave a positive remark on the scoreboard of Steelmate’s performance at both local and global market. He extended his appraisal and gratitude to the work of Steelmate’s members in the past 2014, in which their efforts have been translated into actual business growth, while also heralding an optimistic forecast in 2015 thanking to new product development and market share expansion.
Given the outstanding result brought by the joint labor of everyone, we were more than happy to reward our staff and guests with a wide array of shows and gifts at that evening. A handsome investment we made on the ornate stage, advanced sound equipment and shows performed by our passionate staff lit up the night. Certainly we continued our tradition to acknowledge our senior employees with a gold metal honoring their longevity of service at company. The lucky draw was the apex of the night; plenty of gifts were delivered including an attractive car. Everyone has been entertained and pleased with their quality time together.
Steelmate put huge value on its people and business partners as much as we do on the safety of our customers. In 2015 we would place more emphasis on disseminating the message of the importance of TPMS and carry on at the path of becoming top market leader as a global automotive electronics brand.

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