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PTS400W1-COM: LessWire PTS for limo/ cars/Vans/buses/Trucks, Voice warning
New 4 sensor Voice parking sensor, 12-24V compatible, suits cars, utes, motorhomes, buses or other commercial vehicles. waterproof ECU, 14D-12 sensor suits plastic and metal bumper. Truck sensor housing supplied for under bumper installation.

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AUD 169.00
AUD 169.00
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PTS400W1-COM is a 4-Sensor Rear-only Kit With mini-speaker and Waterproof Control Box. The system comes with our new, paintable 14D-12 sensor heads that can be flush mounted into metal and plastic bumpers. The kit also comes with truck housings, so sensors can also be easily mounted under the bumper.

The system utilises the internal wiring loop of the vehicle so distance is no issue. It is ideal for commecial vehicles of any length, such as: Vans, coaches, trucks etc. You can choose human voice warning or buzzer beep, and the volume is adjustable too (high-medium-low).The system can be programmed to ignore tow bar or spare wheel.

The sensor hole size is 18.8mm in diameter if you choose to flush mount the sensor.  The visible external diameter of the sensor head is 24.9mm with a depth of 21.51mm and they have detachable cables and a 5 degree angle of tilt. NOTE: HOLE SAW NOT INCLUDED. RECOMMEND GETTING A PROFESSIONAL AUTOELECTRICIAN TO INSTALL.

Main features:
Universal for 12V and 24 vehicles
Human voice warning or beep warning
Flush mount or under bumper installation
Wireless system, easy installation, stable and no cables. between speak and control unit

Tow-Bar or spare wheel recognition
Self-testing function
Rear 4 Sensors for full rear coverage
New anti-false alarm patent 
All weather design (-40°C>80°C) 
Control box can be mounted outside due to waterproof construction

Technical Parameters:

Voltage: 12>24V 
Temperature: -40>+80°C 
Input: <4W 
Beep volume: 70>90dB 
Range: Rear: 0.3>2.5m

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Does this kit come with all required wiring? The picture does not show wires between sensors and control box and power cables on the speaker. I intend to install the system onto a Nissan Navara D22 dual cab. The sensors will be flush mounted on the metal bumper. Will this be suitable?

The wires between sensor & control box are provided. The speaker & control box is connected via the power wires in your car (please ensure they are installed in the same circuit i.e. speaker has to connect to the ACC positive, NOT connected to car battery). Flush mount on metal bumper is suitable. However, 18.8cm diameter holesaw is not included in the kit. Please email us at if you would like to purchase a holesaw.

Does the speaker need to be wired to power or is it battery powered? I am looking for a reversing sensor kit for my Mazda BT50 twin cab. Cheers, Denis

Hi Denis, The speaker needs to be wired to the ACC and GND. The speaker cannot be connected to the car battery, otherwise it will not be in the same circuit as the ECU. Best regards, Team Steelmate

I currently have pre drilled holes for rear parking sensors at 22mm. Will the sensors fit If I purchase the Steelmate PTS400W1-COM kit?

If flush mount, the holes need to be 18.8mm in diameter to fit PTS400W1-COM sensors. The kit also comes with truck sensor housing which can be used for under-bumper installation for cars or trucks.

Can you use 2 wireless kits and install one as a front sensor and the other as a rear sensor?

You can purchase the front system Model No.:PTS400EX-F or PTS400M7-F to install at the front of your car. For the rear system you can use a wireless kit or the normal PTS400EX or PTS400M8.

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